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Spring School in Communication and Culture for Social Change


Target public

  • M.A. and Ph.D. students
  • Young Researchers
  • Humanitarian workers
  • Development workers


  • Regular fee: 100€
  • M.A. and Ph.D. students: 70€
  • Young researchers (up to 35 years old): 70€
  • Young researchers and practitioners with nationality from a country in development (up to 35 years old): 50€

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  • This Spring School aims to be an innovative capacity building on Communication and Culture for Social Change (CC4SC) for M.A. and Ph.D. students, young researchers, and humanitarian and development workers. Practitioners are often not connected to contemporary academic thought. Academicians are often not connected to projects on the ground. This disconnection represents a lost opportunity in that its main authors believe that the theory itself can contribute to practical social change. In this course, academic discussions will be adapted to match practitioners’ needs, and project presentations will be adapted to match academicians’ lacks on what is happen in the field. This approach, between Academia and the field, between theory and practices, seems to be relevant should we want to clarify the representation systems in which both, practitioners, and academicians, are operating.


  • To build capacity on Communication and Culture for Development and Social Change.
  • To demonstrate how Communication and Culture should be addressed and integrated in development projects.
  • To give tools to research and to operate in this field of knowledge and intervention.

Professional Opportunities

  • Research/action on CC4SC.
  • Humanitarian positions in Communication for Development and Social Change, Communication with the Community, Social Mobilization and Community-based creative activities.
  • Cooperation for Development positions in Communication for Social Change, Communication with the Community, Social Mobilization and Community-based creative activities.

Skills to acquire

  • To develop critical thinking to frame communication and culture topics in a systemic way.
  • To improve creative dialogue between theory and practices on CC4SC.
  • To acquire methodologies to research and intervene in CC4SC.
  • To develop creative and innovative solutions to resolve challenges on CC4SC on the ground.
  • To create a project to research or to intervene in CC4SC, naming objectives, results, actions and monitorization.

Access requirements

  • B.A. certificate in any area


  • English

Assessment methodology

  • To complete the Spring School, the students should deliver a document of up to 3 pages with: 1 – reflection on the contribution of the course to the student’s professional development; 2 – Research or intervention mini-project on Communication and/or Culture for Social Change applied to the student’s workplace. Delivery after 2 weeks of the end of the training.

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